Mosquito Vision

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A Citizen Science award-winning mobile app.

The Mosquito Vision application was developed by EXEO for EcoDevelopment SA to provide timely and valid information on mosquito abundance. It is interacting daily with thousands of citizens from four Regions in Greece, informing them on the expected mosquito nuisance and receiving back feedback to validate and extrapolate the nuisance awareness picture in bigger areas. It is an easy-to-use and modern application, which works for the Region of Central Macedonia (> 1000 settlements) and for the regions of Western Greece, Thessaly, and Crete.

Main functionalities

A five-day forecast is produced daily for mosquito populations for both the evening (20:30 - 22:30) and night (after 22:30) at the settlement level, based on meteorological forecasts of spatial analysis 2×2 km. The application provides the possibility of timely and valid prediction of harassment to residents, tourism professionals and visitors of each settlement to realistically capture the harassment on paper. It is also a useful tool for public health and mosquito control professionals both for business analysis and for optimizing the decision-making process.


Ecodevelopment SA


4 regions in Greece

Mosquito Vision

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