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An award-winning system consisting of a web platform and a mobile application. The e-bite field app is used for recording field data (larvae, spraying and observations) by EcoDevelopment’s SA scientific staff and field technicians, with real-time data transmission. The web platform collects the real-time data, transforms them through built-in data optimization mechanisms, generates reports, supports fleet/crew management to and from the locations, and presents all the datasets to a GIS platform. Using e-bite smart phone application, hundreds of thousands of real-time recordings of sampling and spraying actions/incidents are performed in the framework of the running mosquito control programmes in four Regions in Greece and Cyprus.

Main functionalities

Meaningful data are collected from every potential mosquito breeding site in wetlands, rural and peri-urban systems, as well as individual courtyards inside rural villages (for door-to-door applications) and city blocks with catch basins. The data being entered daily by 120 field technicians for the four Regions in Greece and Cyprus, are relating among others, to larvae abundance (5 abundance classes) per genus (3 genera), the developmental stage (5 stages), the surface of inspection site and treated area, the use of insecticide (formulation, dosage, applied spraying solution), along with the peers' observation remarks, and collected geotagged photos and GPS locations from the on-site inspections.


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4 regions in Greece and Cyprus


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